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We’ve gathered a few of our most frequently asked questions BELOW. If you have any other additional questions, that are not answered or you need further clarification – please feel free to email us at


About the Ears/Felt Pins:

  • Are your mouse ears sturdy or soft?
Our ears both sturdy and soft! We place materials on the inside that insures the ears won’t easily bend and stand up right while also be soft to the touch.
  • Will my ears be ruined in the rain?
While a little water will not do harm we do not recommend that anyone wears their ears during the rain or on water rides due to some of the bows are made of satin and can get water stains if wet.
  • Can I wear my ears on Disney rides?
It all depends on the ride! While we do add some no slip to ears to help prevent slippage I would recommend taking off your ears during a fast ride but if you’re taking a nice boat ride through Arendelle or with some pirates you should be fine.
  • How long will it take for my order to be made?

    Our ears are ready to ship  and available for pre-orders! Ready to ship ears ship in 2-3 days and pre-orders are 2-3 weeks. 
  • Do you create custom ears?

    Yes we do!!! Each month we will announce a date through our Instagram and website when we will take a select amount of customs.
  • Do you have this character or this themed ear?

    What you see is what we have for the time being however, please feel free to purchase a custom or message us with a ear request so we can add to our “must make soon” list.
  • Will my ears be here in time for my trip if I order today?

    If you are unsure if your ears will reach you in time for your magical trip please contact us before purchasing! We will then give you our honest opinion of estimated arrival.

About The Ornaments/Keychains:

  • What type of paint is used on the ornaments and keychains?

   Acrylic Paint: Permanent, water resistant and flexible when dry.

  • What type of sealant do you use on the hand-painted items?

  Mod Podge: Non-toxic, dishwasher-safe, gloss water base sealant, that            protects paint and product (Note: May become tacky when exposed to              heat/humidity for long periods of time.)

  • Are the pom-pom's water resistant? 

          Pom Pom's: Great in most climates - hot, humid, and cold. NOT water                    resistant. If they do get wet, some of the fibers on the pom-pom's may fall                out.

  • Do you create custom ornaments/keychains?
  At this time we are not taking custom designs for our ornaments and                  keychains. What is on the site is what we currently have - however, for future    production you can always contact us and let us know a character or design    you would possibly like to see. We love your input!!!


    • When will the shop be open again? And how will it work?

    For shop re-stocks please refer to our Instagram account or the ANNOUNCEMENT "header" on our webpage.

    • How can I order?

    You can order through our website – when we are stocked.

    • What if an item is SOLD OUT?
    Currently, our policy is: whatever we have available or posted on the shop is what we have available for purchase. HOWEVER, before each re-stock we will be sure to inform you on what types and styles will be available, as well as take any new or further suggestions from you guys!
    *** PLEASE NOTE: Not EVERY design will be available for each opening – that way we are able to give you guys some versatility each go around. ***


    Returns/Exchanges/Damaged/Lost Packages:

    • Do you offer returns?
    At this time we do not offer returns or exchanges. However, if there is and issue with your ears upon arrival we encourage you to reach out to us so can help solve the problem.
    • Can I cancel an order?
    Sorry once an order is placed we cannot cancel it.
    • Who is responsible for lost/damaged packages?
    Once an order has shipped, we are no longer responsible for any damages that be caused in route by USPS. Along with damages we are not responsible for any lost packages. If a package does become lost, we encourage our customers to reach out to their post office with the information we provide (Tracking number and date of shipment).


    Additional Information:

    • How can I stay informed?

    The best way to stay informed about new designs, announcements, and any specials/giveaways is to follow us on Instagram: @ThreeLittleTinkers